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Manage your career in just one place
Dalmatian BeSpotted is the place where you can create and maintain your career portfolio online, generate a tailor made CV at the touch of a button and apply for a job!
Information is a valuable asset.
By using Dalmatian, you can add to your personal information easily and quickly, whether you’ve completed an important work project or gained a new qualification.

You can record your qualifications, skills, experience, goals, achievements and even hobbies in a simple format, which is easy to access. These can also be linked, so that your portfolio becomes a rich tapestry of your career history and education.
Easy Updates
Updating your Dalmatian profile is as easy as updating your Facebook status or sending a tweet.

It’s quick, it’s easy and best of all it could help you find your dream job!
Dalmatian helps you structure your education, achievements and experience into skills which then make it easy to create professional, individual, job winning CV's.
Job Search
For the same reason that our simple skills structure makes it easy to create CVs, it also makes it easy for us to ensure that you only see jobs that you want to see. No more endless lists of unsuitable jobs in faraway lands! (Unless of course this is what you were searching for!)
Dalmatian not only helps you create the perfect CV and then search for the perfect job, it also helps you at the critical stage of interviews, giving you information about the company, the interview location with embedded mapping and the ability to pick an interview time that best suits you.
Data Security
We take your personal data security extremely seriously, that is why we do not ask for things like date of birth, address or bank details. Your data is stored on world leading encrypted servers that are continually reviewed and updated by our experts.

You remain in complete control of your data and it will never be passed to a third party.

A potential employer will only receive your details once you’ve accepted an interview.
Truly Mobile
Dalmatian BeSpotted enjoys being on the move just as much as a real Dalmatian does. Our system is fully functional on mobile platforms enabling you full access at all times. Be Spotted is written using responsive web technology which means you do not need to install apps.
It's Free!
Dalmatian is free for use by job seekers. This includes unlimited CV creation (although only five can be stored on the system at any one time).
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